Yifan Wu

Bold, curious, interdisciplinary, and a 100% Doctor Who fan. Born and grew up in China, I am interested in the typical eastern culture nurtured on this ground. So my academic interest has been cultural and intercultural communication since young. I received my bachelor degree in Xiamen University majored in Advertising. I’m proficient in film editing and is responsible for the video part of this website.

Huaiyu Zhang

Hi, I am Huaiyu Zhang and I come from China. I learned advertising and marketing for four years and now I am studying in CCT intending for learning marketing research and communication. I am looking forward to work in the game industry and sharing economy industry. In this project, I mainly responsible for the issue of Photoshop and Illustration.

Shuqi Liu 

I am Shuqi Liu, from Guangzhou, China. I used to major in sociology and minor in journalism in college. The area I am most interested in is data journalism which utilizes big data to tell news stories, which not only requests traditional journalistic skills such as writing and interviewing, but also requires data visualization, basic programming skills, and interactive design. That’s why I come to CCT and find 506 so charming and useful to me. I am still on the track of learning.

Weiqiang Yao

I am Weiqiang Yao from Shanghai, China.  I used to be a Journalism student, but now I want to look at the broader picture of communication, focusing on how technologies shape the pattern of communication. Do people know each other better, with so many advanced communication technologies available?  I am glad to have such an opportunity to probe into and try to be an expert in a specific technology. In this project, I will mainly be responsible for editing the project website.