The sound is weird. It should be quieter or subtle at least. And it’s yelling at me!

So my first impression was that it is a really cool concept, and I was excited to try it out.

It looks fanciful. It looks like a fashion piece.

It’s really cool. I like it.

This is a super cool technology and super creative.

I like how futuristic it is. I think it’s really cool. Not having to have an actual keyboard. It might be a little ahead of its time. But it’s definitely something cool. You are not touching a keyboard but it still receives all the input you put it in. It’s a lot more portable, so people who’ve like to have a keyboard but don’t wanna carry all around an actual keyboard or a laptop. This is much smaller. Something you can put in your bag and bring with you. So I think it’s more versatile than a normal keyboard.

Other keyboards, even like the folding keyboards, still like pretty big. But this is tiny. I feel like it’s great for traveling because it is so small, so you can bring it or connect it to your phone. You don’t have to have an actual computer with you. So accessibility when you’re traveling. That would be great. Personally, when I am traveling, it is hard to carry a computer all the time. Especially I have to write a paper over spring break but I don’t want to bring my laptop across the world. It’s kind of interesting to have your phone and this little device and be able to type like other computers. It’s really cool.

I would like to have it because of it has something new, or different, and the idea behind it. I think the fact that you can actually project your keyboard on any flat surfaces is an interesting thing.

But not all the words picked up, because I think if I go too fast, it doesn’t register yet. But if I type slow, it’s not bad.

if you are just typing like English or something that just basically on 26 alphabets, that would be not too bothering. But for example, if I’m just typing those in Chinese, that sometimes a little bit slow. I have to go back to my phone and look through what exactly Chinese I want because based on the same lexicons, you will have different Chinese words based on the same sound.

It restricts you to just have one hand on the keyboard, so you can’t hurry up just the way you do with your normal keyboard.

I think it’s not very reliable. There was a lot of times that it didn’t exactly get what I want it. It should be a setting that I can turn up the brightness of the projection because, in certain lighting, it might be difficult to see the projection.

I think once they can develop it a little bit more, like you can type a little faster, maybe make it clear to see. And I think it would definitely grow and people will be interested.

I think because of the accuracy that you get like your regular keyboard, and if I just spent my money like 20 dollars, it should give me something like accuracy when I use it, but I don’t really that from using it. I kind of have the idea that I am playing, but not really use a technology that I am interested in.

It’s the extension of the normal keyboard we have. They are not changing how we type. They are not changing how things are placed. So I feel like it’s literally the same thing. The only thing is that a new generation that we start to think about computers shouldn’t have keyboards attached to them.

The concept is very cool. I don’t have a lot of use right now, they just like a gimmick to have around. But definitely in the future, there will be a setoff definitely. I think the future is promising. I think it could be something that gains steam, especially with younger demographics. I am really excited to see it take off, but just it’s a little bit ahead of its time right now.

I think it has a lot of potentials because it’s so easy to carry around. And I personally get to the issue I don’t want to bring such a laptop around with me. That being said like an old laptop. Newer laptops are lighter, smaller, and easier to carry, so that might be the competition with this.

I can see its great future or potential of this product in the future. Because it allows you to get out of those actual electrical devices. And how this will affect our lives. For example, you will probably see in a lot of movies, people are using projectors and you can just type whatever you want without actual devices, so I think this is actually one aspect that what we can see in the future.

The current keyboard we are using is not really designed for usability it is designed for some technology constraints back to a while ago. I know there are a lot of interaction emergent in newer days, so people start to change. Even now we dont use mouse. We still need to input textual information. The keyboard is a carrier of this type of information transformation between human and computer. And we can use our voice for use. And you can use touch pad and pen and computer just recognize what youre writing. I am not even very sure if the keyboard we are currently using will still exist in the future. We may still have a keyboard, but it may not look like what it looks like now. 

Several people have a meeting together. And now we just have a showing screen that we are all working on and people carry their computers whenever they go to different meeting rooms. But if this type of keyboard can projection several keyboards at the same time, people have no need to carry their computers moving from this building to another building, from this office to another one. They can just sit together and work on the same thing showed on the screen through the keyboards projection on the table. That could be something cool.

I dont know if you guys have heard of raspberry pi. Its a mini computer, a mini CPU with Linux operating system in it. So basically, whatever you can do on your computer, you can put a program into a raspberry pi and let it run it forever. The raspberry pi has a Bluetooth dongle and Wi-Fi dangle, so it connects to the internet. It can be a small server. You can make any like mini programs and interesting things with raspberry pi. But one of the things that its not very easy to work with raspberry pi is that you need to connect it with a physical keyboard and a physical monitor. So, when I saw this projection keyboard, I think it would be very cool if we can have this projection dangle or projection widget with it which projects a keyboard as well as a monitor. So its still a mini computer but it comes with a keyboard and monitor which will be very useful for the starter learners to use raspberry pi and for developers to manipulate that.